Tools for a Safer Internet Browsing

There are a number of powerful tools that can help you protect your anonymity and data while browsing the Internet

Tools for a Safer Internet Browsing

If you need to surf the Web, outdoors please use the 3 g or 4 g connection on your iPhone or iPad. Which is more secure than standard Wi-Fi networks outdoors. But sometimes you are afraid you too quickly through your data bundle back are or do you want to send large files – and it is very tempting to use a wireless network or public hotspot. Do you want to prevent your data easy to bleed, then you make use of a VPN app. With our list of the best VPN apps shows a reliable solution and with the additional tips do you stop data fall into the wrong hands.

Safer internet search

Google is known for they capture everything, even if you have the incognito mode. At incognito mode are your searches may not be reflected in your search history, but Google certainly puts your search behavior. They use this to improve the search algorithms, in order to build a profile of you and to targeted ads.

Fortunately, there are better solutions, such as using the privacy-friendly search engine DuckDuckGo. The disadvantage of such alternative search engines is that you don’t get the same results you are used to. The quality of the search results can be less and finding Dutch results is trickier. There are solutions such as the Dutch search engine StartPage (link). This app uses a proxy, so you can use Google anyway but no suffering that your searches to your profile. If you are in the App Store search for “tor browser ‘ you against various apps that make you can browse anonymously without leaving traces.

Use two factor authentication, anywhere where it can

For more and more services you can set up tweestapsverificatie and two factor authentication. You’ll find tweestapsverificatie for instagram and Apple itself is now on two factor authentication for your Apple ID and iCloud switched, that more secure.

If someone intercepts your username and password is not enough to gain access to your account. A hacker will also need to know the unique code that is sent to your trusted device. Often is that your iPhone, a device that you physically owned must have to access your account. Are you not yet by two-step-switched to two factor authentication (there is difference between!) then now is the time to do so.

Use chatapps with end-to-end encryption

Your iPhone is secure, but the third-party apps you’re using can be as leak as a basket. Therefore, use apps that encrypt the messages from beginning to end with end-to-end encryption. Whatsapp offers this (though there is still some criticism on WhatsApp’s security policy) and also with iMessage Apple offers end-to-end encryption (also to this is criticism).

However, the extensive encryption of iMessage works only if you are exchanging messages with other iMessage-users, so if you the app used to send a text message to an Android user. A better option is Telegram, although you end-to-end encryption in it manually. More secure Signal, an app that claims to collect absolutely no information of the users. When the makers of Signal were forced to hand over data to the Government, they could then also show nothing.