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The biggest winner of the Olympic Games should be a 91-jähriger billionaire. This is unlike summer, where poverty is not desired. Even the Olympic village is a luxury settlement later.

Rio de Janeiro: Wind whips over the settlement of the high-rise building. The world’s top athletes sleep here during the Olympic Games soon. A stand of plexiglass, that the name “Carvalho Hosken S/A” is at the entrance. A worker measures the top stand with a ruler, he should be covered. Because none of the Olympians should get to see the name in August, when they move in here at the Olympic village. The man behind it could be but par excellence the winners of these games, despite his 91 years.

But the billionaire holds in the background, August about 10,500 athletes are insert suburb Barra in the settlement built by him, the “Ilha Pura” in Rio de Janeiro. But after a “pure island”, a paradise, don’t look here. A few looks romantic on a water surface on a promotional poster, but this is a concrete desert. 31 high-rise buildings with 17 floors.

The outdoor pools are chic, but the institution could remind more Olympians of Sparta. The organisers are due to acute financial problems of the State of Rio de Janeiro spar pressurized, apartments are equipped with cheap beds and plastic closets.

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After the games, then comes the luxury. The builders, the company Carvalho Hosken and Odebrecht take it again. Nowadays you can unlock content online like region restricted websites and videos by utilizing a cheap vpn service that has the full functionalities to change your location and keep your connection secured.

“Ilha Pura” is entered in the Internet, it enters into dream worlds. There is for example the complex of Saint Michel with five high-rise buildings, is 131-160 square meter apartments. Of course, a pool belongs to the House. The price: 1.52 million reais (380,000 euros) for an area of 160 square meters. For European conditions a proud price cheap, but given the location, 35 km away from Copacabana beach.

Here, the vision of the new Rio should be realized without annoying favelas, Rio of the white upper class. The luxury approach – there will be also fitness centers, cinemas and saunas – makes a big difference to London 2012, where the Olympic village in the East end citizens with less thick gel bags brought new apartments after the games. Munich is considered a successful example of an affordable housing creation 1972.

The Dagmar of Chairman of the Sports Committee Friday criticized the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the abandonment of a completely exclude of Russia from the Olympic Games hard. “I think that for a good decision, because now more is unclear as clear. The responsibility is deported back to third parties, this time at the international trade associations”, the SPD MP said the SID. “There is fear that there will be decided after completely inconsistent criteria. This can not be in terms of sport and the athletes and athletes.”

Whether “political pressure or commercial interests have given the last rash, I can’t tell”, said Friday: “But the IOC has spoken out against a clear recommendation of the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA, in terms of a credible anti-doping fight, this is the worst character ever.”

Also “disagree”, the announcement that no ever doping convicted Russian athletes start may, the WADA code. “Because you have to read through only the Osaka rule itself. For me, this is clearly a Lex Julia Stepanowa – the Whistleblowerin you want to see there not to run,”said Friday.